datestampFriday, June 4, 2010

Memory Jar

Today I gave Ella her own "Memory Jar". It looks like a regular old mason jar, but what it holds inside is priceless. I have several of them. To a stranger it may seem like a lot of rocks and maybe even junk, but to me each item inside holds special memories. When I opened mine to show her what was inside she was so excited. She put her tiny hand in the jar and began pulling out rocks, marbles, sea shells, and a flood of memories poured threw my mind and heart. I pointed out the feather that was inside, telling her that while her Daddy and I were dating I found that feather on the sidewalk. I wanted to keep it because it was beautiful and I thought of him when I saw it. There was a rock that had a smiley face drawn on it. Ella had given it to me a long time ago, it is special because she drew on it. She pulled out a blue stone that my Aunt Lorraine had given to me years ago, she collected these and shared one with me, I felt special. I see a few seashells that my dear friend Trudi had given me, when she had traveled to Australia. Each piece I hold or see brings me back to the moment I received it, or found it. I see each face as clear as day, I hear the words that were spoken, I feel the love that was shared between us. My heart is filled with love and I am so happy to have these beautiful memories. Especially since My Aunt Lorraine, and dear friend Trudi have moved onto the next life.
I pulled out a "Memory Jar" for my little Ella, opened it and gave it to her. I told her that this jar was "Special", and she could put all of her "Memories" that she wanted to put inside. Whenever she felt sad or lonely she could open this jar and remember special things about each object, remember the person, animal, or thing. This was something she didn't have to share with her brother, it was her own. She asked me if she could have some of my stones, and shells. I thought for a moment and said "Yes." She carefully put each item into her jar, then added a few things of her own. A favorite plastic spider a friend gave to her, a pine cone she found at my Mothers grave, a rock she found in the backyard...I asked her where she wanted to put it. Up with mine she said, so I placed it on the window sill where she could look at it everyday, where I could look at it everyday, and be reminded of the beautiful memory we just made.