datestampFriday, November 11, 2011


11 things I'm grateful for:

Holding hands
Paper Turkeys
Sweet family

I am happy. Today was the best day I've had in a long time. Thank you to all who made it so very special...I'll never forget it. xoxo

datestampThursday, November 10, 2011

Simple Plan - Save You

A couple of years ago when Andy was driving me up to the Huntsman for a doctors appointment. We were listening to music and a song came on by Simple Plan, Save you. I hadn't heard before. He turned it up and said to listen to the lyrics. I listened intently. At the end of it he turned it off and said "This is exactly how I feel about you." Tears streamed down my face.
I cannot imagine how Andy has felt these last 5 years. All of the late nights, praying, care taking, loving, cleaning, restlessness, uncertainty, researching, hoping, pressing forward... He has been a constant in my life, and for this I am thankful. He is my love story. He is part of the reason I am here at this moment. I have never once heard him complain or ask why. Has he struggled? Yes, but he keeps going. I am so grateful he has put his faith in God... in me, NEVER giving up. I am blessed to know him. Thank you for keeping me alive in so many ways...When you think about it, don't we all need saving at one time or another?