datestampTuesday, July 26, 2011


I am sad tonight. I am sad because my good friend Jon lost his "second Dad" to cancer. I am sad tonight because my good friend Teresa is dying from Cancer. I am sad because so many people are hurting from this terrible disease. I wish I could take away the pain and hurt. I would if I could. No questions asked. I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks, and my heart breaks. I carry a prayer in my heart at all times for all people...whom I know and don't know. May their pain be lessened. May their lives be enriched. May their time be used wisely. May they know they are loved, if not by close family and friends, but by me. I love you. I will fight for you. I will fight like hell. You will not be forgotten. You will be remembered by loved ones, by your courage, by your faith, by your grace, by your determination, and will. I hope I will be able to help a little...even if it is by a small prayer, which I carry in my heart.