datestampSunday, December 5, 2010

My Baby

Dear Ella,
My beautiful baby girl. I remember the first day I saw you. I knew that my life would be SO much better then it had been, and it is! You were a sweet bundle of Joy, and you still are. You teach me everyday by your example. The other morning I was busy getting ready for the day. The door was open to your room and I heard you talking. I peeked in, and you were kneeling on the floor talking to Heavenly Father. My heart burst, and I walked back to my room, knelt down and followed your example. thank you for reminding me of what's important.
My baby. when I talk to you about being my "big girl" you are quick to remind me that you will always be "my baby"! You always will, no matter what age you are, and I will always be your Momma.
I want you to know how special you are. I know that God sent you to us for a reason, and I am honored to be your Momma. You are so sensitive to the spirit, mindful of others, and loving toward all. You are such a good sister and friend! Little Noah adores you, and wants to be just like you!
I am reminded each day just how thoughtful you are. No matter what I'm doing you are always asking if you can help! You happily set the table, sweep the floor, help me make my shake. I'm so proud of you, and thank you for wanting to help!
I want to thank you for always asking God for my cancer to go away, the first time you said that I are so young, and know to much already. I know that your Faith, has helped me feel better. I love you my little one. I love you my angel. You're the best thing that has every happened to me, my sweet baby. Never forget how special you are and how much are are loved. I am blessed that I get to spend everyday with you. I wouldn't want it to be any other way. Love you to the moon and back Ella.

Love Momma