datestampWednesday, January 26, 2011

Slowing down

There are days where I'm not feeling to hot. When I have to slow down and take it easy. I honestly don't get sick that often, but when I do both Andy and I start to wonder if it is "Cancer" related, or not. This past week has been like that. By slowing down it has helped me to be grateful for when I do feel good. When I do have the energy to take care of our home, children, husband, and myself. My health is invaluable, priceless. Times like these I'm so grateful for good neighbors, family and friends. I'm grateful I can call a friend for help, or my Mother in law ( I got lucky to have a wonderful one). No, it's not very fun being sick, but maybe a good reminder for me to slow down and enjoy all that I have. I am blessed, so very blessed.

datestampWednesday, January 12, 2011

Angels among us

A few days before Christmas we heard a knock at our door. Andy answered it and called for me to come and see. On the porch there were 2 boxes of wrapped gifts with our names on them. We both looked at each other in surprise. The kids were ecstatic, they were jumping up and down asking if Santa had come early this year?! We were shocked, and brought them in the house. We decided the kids could each open 1 gift before Christmas. Ella opened a game, Noah opened some spider man boots (which he has worn day and night since that day). Ella asked again if Santa had come early. We had the privilege of explaining to her that there were "Angels" on earth. These "Angels" were watching over us and gave us all of these gifts. She asked if "Angels lived in Heaven? We said yes, and they are on earth as well...they were sent from Heaven. "So, these angels love us?" she said, "Yes, they love us, was our reply." During this entire time tears were streaming down my face, my heart was filled with love, bursting with gratitude. We knelt and thanked Heavenly Father for such kindness. Andy and I are so grateful, so touched that someone took the time to think of us, and give us such special and thoughtful gifts. We had a wonderful, and memorable Christmas. May God Bless those Angels among us.