datestampFriday, August 8, 2014


My sweet Aunt Myrl passed from this life a few short weeks ago. It was a bittersweet day for me. Sweet that she was free from the pain she was living with. Bitter because I will miss her presence in my life and my children's. She was so patient with my babies and I. Some of our favorite memories of our sweet Aunt was going to the Oak Crest Inn, to eat their yummy scones. Oh, how she loved that place! We would pick her up and go as quick as we could to make it before the lunch menu changed! We had to plan it out exactly after the kids would come home from school. She dressed up and looked nice with her pink lipstick on and bright eyes. Only kind words passed her lips, I don't ever recall hearing a negative word come from her mouth. My babies would bounce around on the booth, and I'd ask Aunt Myrl all types of questions about her childhood. We loved hearing her stories. She had lived such a rich and full life, and it was a treat to hear her retell her experiences. We also loved visiting her at home. She was always out picking up twigs in her yard, weeding her flowerbeds, planting flowers, and tending to her chores. She took such great care of her home, and was very proud of it, as well of all of the memories inside. She always had a treat waiting for whomever came to visit, a werthers candy or popcorn!  My kids knew exactly where to go to find her stashes of werthers, she had a never ending supply! She would talk about her Grand kids and Great grand kids, her children...oh, how she adored each and every one of them! She was so proud. Everyone knew how much they were loved by sweet Aunt Myrl. She wasn't afraid to give a hug, or say I love you. When she said it, we knew she meant it. We loved visiting her. I miss her so. We miss her so. When she was really ill I took the kids to see her, we fed her and held her hand. My son was more quiet this visit, and played contently. My daughter helped feed her as well. We tried to make her comfortable. We visited and we mostly talked...about life and the things we had done that day. She always loved to hear what we had been up to, and took an interest in what the kids were doing. When we were driving home, my sweet girl softly started crying. My boy asked if Aunt Myrl was dying and I said, yes. It was quiet for a moment, and then we talked about what happens when someone we love dies...yes, she will see her husband and twin sister! Yes, she won't be in anymore pain. Yes, she will be able to walk and run. Yes, she will remember us. Yes, she loves you. Yes, we will see her again. Yes.
 A couple days later I went to see her alone. She was in some sort of coma. I think she knew I was there and could hear me. I talked to her and cried the whole time. I held her hand, and rubbed her soft arm. Touched her forehead, whispered how much I loved her. What a gift she was to us. As I was getting ready to leave I told her I didn't like goodbyes, I wasn't good at them, so I said Goodnight and kissed her forehead. I would see her when she woke up.
 We dressed nice, got ready, stood in line, saw family and friends. So many people. We signed her book, all of our names in a row. Baby boy found her candy box and took a werthers, gave one to sister. Walked through the line. Gave meaningful hugs, received them back. I usually don't like to go to viewings. I don't like to have that as my last memory, but this was different. Aunt Myrl was beautiful, no lines on her face. She looked so peaceful. So happy. I bent down and kissed her forehead, and my sweet baby girl said Goodnight. Goodnight sweet Aunt Myrl, until we see you again.