datestampTuesday, July 16, 2013

Be Brave

I just heard this song a few days ago and it really caught my attention. My kids were singing it to the top of their lungs, just belting out the lyrics. Apparently they had heard their cousin Jade sing it over and over again. After listening closely I got to thinking about being brave....we are all faced with so many different circumstances in this life; death, abuse, illness, broken homes, broken families, infertility, loneliness, whatever our situations or trials may be I hope we can  remember to look life in the face and be not run away, to face the enemy and say what needs to be said. Over the years I have learned that everyone has a story, everyone is living, we are all on a journey. If I could pass one thing onto my babies I hope it would be to show them that I was brave, and was not afraid to live, that I can do hard things...and so can they.

datestampFriday, July 12, 2013

2,555 days

 My heart is full of gratitude for many things. Today I am grateful for birthday parties, kisses, morning hugs, discoveries, sandboxes, sunshine, a strong body to work hard and feel sweat down my back, sisters, brothers, my sweet babies.  The ability to enjoy what I've been given, the opportunity to be.  Tonight Ella asked Daddy how many days she has been alive...over 2,555 days! My heart skipped a beat to know that I have been with her for this long! She was so happy to know she had been alive for so many days. How sweet it was for me to hear her sweet it was to know I've been blessed to be her sweet it is.  I look forward to seeing her grow  a million more days.