datestampSaturday, August 31, 2013


Today I felt joy. My heart beat was fast. I worked hard. I breathed hard. I lived hard. I talked with good people. I laughed. I shed a tear or two. I smiled. I reflected on this earth...this life...this journey.  I felt joy.  I let it in and it engulfed me. I saw God in many things: people, children, the grass, earth, the sun on my back. It felt so good to sweat.  To work.  To live in each moment.  To experience life.  I received love, sweet hugs, saw old friends, made new ones.  Living.  I am content...happy.  Ate sweet fruit.  Shared stories.  Shared. Met survivors, warriors and fighters.  I felt hope.  I felt peace.  I witnessed the human spirit and it amazed me.  I felt peace. I was connected. I am blessed.  Today I felt joy. How lucky am I? Very.