datestampThursday, October 30, 2014

Friends forever

Over my life time I've had hundreds of close friends and angels in my life. They sometimes come for a time, and leave a mark on my heart and soul...we may lose touch for a while and meet again at  the most random places to reconnect...time seems like it didn't even pass, and we were where we were years ago. Not too long ago, I met one of these angels, my soul sister. I swear we knew each other before we were born. Just reconnected, and I am forever grateful for the imprint she has made on my heart and on my families. Words cannot express the feelings in my heart.
It has not only been sweet for me, but for my sweet babe. I held her  in my arms tonight and sang to her. Tears fell down her face and her little heart broke before my eyes, because her best friend moved away too. She expressed how she wouldn't get to see her everyday, and how there is no person like her! I was touched by her simple, yet profound words...I felt happiness and sadness at the same time. Happiness that she had connected to someone at such a young age, and sadness that life is hard sometimes. I explained to her that people will come and go. Life will be kept living. Time continues to move forward, but tried to reassure her that distance and time doesn't break the bonds of friendship. True friendship is what we found, and that goes on forever.