datestampWednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweet Jeanie

Tonight I wanted to talk about my sweet cousin Anajean, or Jeanie as I like to call her.  She lost her beautiful baby boy in a fire last year. Today marks the 1st year of his death.  My sister invited all of us over to her home, including Jeanies family and we had a memorable evening. While visiting with her I noticed that all of the kids were drawn to her. They all call out her name, want to show her what they have made, want to snuggle next to her or hold her hand. Jeanie is the fun Aunt. Jeanie is loved by all. Jeanie is a warrior, survivor, she makes you feel so special, like your the only person she wants to talk with at that moment. She notices the small things in life and they are important to her...a leaf, rock, a smile, an embrace, a moment. Even though she has lost so much in her short life, she has gained so much by living, moving forward, looking for the good in even hard things. I love her so. I hold my babies longer because of her, I take more time and listen because of her example, I am a better person for knowing her.  I know sweet Austin is near and loves you so. He was perfect. He is perfect.  I often think of her when I read this quote by George Leonard:  "The real juice of life, whether it be sweet or bitter, is to be found not nearly so much in the products of our efforts as in the process of living itself, in how it feels to be alive." Thank you for all that you have taught me and so many others.You inspire me sweet Jeanie. I love you to the moon and back xoxoxoxo