datestampThursday, June 4, 2015

Choose Happy

I remember when I was first diagnosed with Cancer, Andy and I didn't want to know the statistics, we didn't want to know the survival rate, we didn't want to know our chances. We didn't want any of that in front of us. We decided together we would find the good and fight like hell no matter what came our way. Oh, it was hard, so hard. It still is hard at times...but it has been worth it. I did find out a few years later after doing the chemotherapy that my doctors were certain I would only live 3 months, but I am still alive. It is amazing what the power of your mind can accomplish when you strive to find the good in hard situations. When you choose to be happy amidst sadness, or difficult things. God knew what He was doing when He gave us our agency. It really is quite amazing that we as humans have the ability to find the good in this life. That we have the choice to be kind, to reach out and help others, to love, to give, to accept, to cry, to be...just to be. I am so grateful for this gift and the choice that I have been given. Each day that I am here, I am in awe of the experiences that I have. They aren't all easy, but they each have shown me how I can choose to live. I choose happy. No matter what life brings to my door. I will find the good. I will.