datestampTuesday, January 19, 2016


I usually get my scans every 6 least that's what it's been for the last few years. Since all of the issues I had in October I get to go in today. The 3rd month, 90 days, it's already here...arrived at my door. Surprising me among-st all that life has been offering us this little while. This past week we had an unexpected death in our family. A great man, mentor, father, husband, papa and friend. Our hearts have literally been broken. Literally into pieces. Amidst all of the emotions, and sadness we have felt hope. So powerful. So necessary. So understanding. So needed. Hope. Hope in the plan of salvation. Hope we will see him again. Hope in his love. Knowing that love does not break the bands of death. Hope in our God and in His Son. Hope that families are forever. Hope that there will be a new day for us to wake up too. Hope, it is fueling me now, teaching me, molding me...I've had to let it be my compass. I've found it in the darkness...and it has been found...over and over again. Not just from this sudden death in our lives, but from our many experiences in this life. Hope has been one of the many things that have anchored me in this journey. Many times, over and over again I've heard..."you shouldn't be aren't supposed to have are dying."  I have chosen to hear you are living.  You're not a number. You are supposed to be here. I have can't take that away from me.  No one can take that away from me but myself...and I will not stop believing in Hope. Whatever this life throws at you or drops at your doorstep. Choose. You get to choose how you accept it. As I am preparing to walk outside soon. I have already chosen hope in my heart...and it has set me free.