datestampThursday, March 30, 2017

Show up

Sometimes things happen that are hard. Transitions are happening all of the time where people pass on from this life who may be young, old, suffering or not. Someone may be struggling emotionally, mentally, loneliness, a diagnosed illness, a terminal illness, a broken heart...where the eye doesn't see. There is so much going on in others lives that we just really have no idea of. We really have no idea, and I think sometimes we think to ourselves that "they will be ok", "someone else" will take care of them. They must have "family" to help them. All of this matters, but doesn't. I've been trying to teach my kids when things happen to people that are hard, or sad, or whatever may be the case to SHOW UP. Show up. Whether it's standing on someones doorstep with nothing in your hands, but everything in your heart. Reach out, and do more then "let me know if you need anything." I am guilty of this line...I have used it many times in my life. Of course, most people don't let you know, they don't ask...they suffer.  Sometimes quietly, sometimes outwardly, but it happens. We are all human and have a connection with one another whether we acknowledge it or not. We need each other. We need that phone call, that acceptance, that hello, that hug, that dinner, that smile, that I am here, right here, I am are not alone...we can do it, we can help each other. We can Show up in each others lives, and make a difference.

datestampSaturday, February 25, 2017


This last while I've been in hibernation. I have chosen to be still, quiet and listen more. To my thoughts, my body, my soul. I have needed to rest more...plan my days out accordingly to how my body feels. I've had to slow down and I have noticed a change in me.  I have let myself feel all of the feels that I tend to hold in. I have let fear in for a day or two, and it does more harm then's not good for my thought processes, but it is necessary in some crazy way. Because I am human, I let myself feel these feelings that are so hard to really hear from someone you love, or roll off the tongue into the Universe. No matter what I am feeling inside, it is the truth before us, behind us, entwined in us. I have chosen to move forward, I have let change wash over me. I put a smile on my face, and hold my sweet babes, for they are my everything...and for a short while I am their everything. I step out into the light and wake up.