datestampWednesday, December 14, 2011


On December 5th I went in and had an MRI and talked with my Oncologist. For weeks before I was having trouble sleeping, concentrating...I was worried. I spent a lot of time on my knees asking God for peace. On that day I was so grateful...I felt it. The tumors are slowly growing, and they found a new lesion. Initially I was quite sad, but after thinking about it for a bit I was grateful. Grateful that they are "slow growing". Grateful we have time to find a different treatment path. Grateful I have Andy by my side. Grateful I could go home and hold my babies. Grateful that I feel good, and am not having symptoms. Grateful for prayers from family and friends...even strangers. Grateful I have a loving Heavenly Father who gave me peace this day...and who helps me have a better perspective of my beautiful life. It's a good, good life.


Marissa said...

If you have taught me anything it would be that perspective and attitude mean everything. You're so positive and see things in an eternal perspective and it has made all the difference in your life and so many others. My prayers will continue to be with you, your family, your doctors, and in helping you find another treatment path for you. Love and hugs my friend!

ShayLynn said...

Wow! This made me very emotional! You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we still talk about you and the awe inspiring person you are! Your purpose here is ever growing and will continue for years and years to come! You are an example to me and most importantly to your kids and family. We sure miss you and I miss your testimony of gratitude, strength and the power of our Savior. Sending lots of love and blessings your way!

Lindsay said...

you are an amazing person. we love you and your family.

Susan Farrell-Jones said...

God is not through with you yet, Sarah! You have so very much to offer and you inspire so many in so many ways! We have you on our prayer lists still... five years later... we know the power of Prayers!

eve said...

i found your blog through andrea, and read the whole thing tonight. i am amazed by your example of faith and perseverance, your positive attitude and your fight.
i have a lot to think about, how i can improve my own life- i want to live like you and enjoy each day/moment and not allow any room for anger or fear.
thank you for that example.
i pray that you (and your family) will have comfort and that you will be strengthened and that your body will be strong and that your fight will be successful. it really is amazing what we are capable of, you've proved that.
my thoughts & prayers are with you!
eve napierski

kimsueellen said...

You change my perspective on life and I love you for it. Glad they are slow growing tumors. Tell them to slow to a halt. Huggs.

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