datestampMonday, September 23, 2013


We love collecting rocks...well my kids and I do! I have jars and jars of them.  They have found there way into the strangest places. The other day I found one in my sons bed. He has them scattered on his dresser, and amongst his toys.  I did laundry and there were loud noises coming from the dryer. I opened it up and found 4 rocks! I had to chuckle, and I took a picture of them so I'd remember. My daughter has a huge collection and they are all lovingly placed in my Grandmas old jewelry box, it has so many drawers. Quite a few years ago before we had kids, Andy was moving us into an apartment.  I was the packer and he was the loader.  He picked up this particularly heavy box and asked me what I had in there because it was so heavy? I just shrugged my shoulders and said stuff! Well, he opened the lid and about had a heart attack because it was full of rocks! He exclaimed: "What? I've been packing out rocks this whole time?" He said a few choice words and then threatened to throw them in the back yard! Thank goodness he didn't, but I did learn my lesson; to disperse the rocks into several boxes, not just one! I'm laughing just thinking about it and seeing his face.  It was hilarious. While walking home from school the other day my sweet girl had picked up a rock and was showing it to me.  She had "found it in someone's front yard (oops). By looking at it, it was quite plain, but then she pointed out to me that when she put it into the sun something magical sparkled! I was so touched by her thought that I began to tell her that people are a lot like rocks.  Sometimes they may seem plain, hard and ordinary on the outside,  but when you put them in the sun they shine. They are beautiful.  They radiate. We never know what someone is like until we really get to know them and give them a chance. Our conversation started and finished within a minute...we held hands and walked home.  A few days later I asked her where her shimmering rock was?  She opened a few tiny boxes and handed it to me..."It's beautiful Mom, isn't it? Look at it in the light...So many lessons to learn from my sweet babies. I am Happy. This is what living is about.

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Unknown said...

Sarah, I am taking lessons from you. You are truly one of a kind. Love you dearly.

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