datestampSaturday, January 3, 2015

Find the good

The last few weeks I have struggled physically, thus leading to feeling all types of emotions. It is hard to slow down sometimes. I like to go, go, go...but my body and these treatments think differently than my mind. The simple tasks which I do on a daily basis have to be put aside for a while. I can only let in things that I can handle, for the moment...for the small space in time. While talking to my kids the other night I caught myself saying to them to find the good in life. Sometimes life throws you difficult situations, and you have the power to find the good. Even if it's as simple as smiling...because that feels good. I had to remind myself of that as well when I was feeling sad a particular day. The thought came to me: Stop being sad! You have so much good in your life, so much good! I needed to follow that same reminder I gave to my children. Find the good. When life is hard, look outside myself and see how I can help another. Step outside of my comfort zone and be kind to someone I don't know. The older I have gotten and the more I have grown the saying makes more sense to me of not judging others. We do not know what people go through, what struggles they may have...but we have the power to lift and help them in our deeds. Slowing down makes me reflect on life. Where I am. Where I was. Who I am. What defines me.What I will let define me. Who is really in charge! It is a humbling experience...I have decided that I will not let this Cancer define me. It will not beat me. I will find the good. I will reflect good. I will shine. I will live another day...I will be free.

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