datestampSunday, May 22, 2016

I've Gotta Be Me

Sometimes the best talks I have with my kids are when we are driving in the car. Tonight was the perfect example. My baby girl asked me if I was ever going to get better from being sick? This topic has come up several times over the years. We always are direct and frank with them. They are aware when "Mommy needs to rest" or "Mommy doesn't feel well" or "Mommy has a doctors appointment". I told her I had a doctors appointment tomorrow, and I think it was on her mind. Maybe they are too aware, but I want to be open with them...because Life is fragile. Life can change in a moment. second. breathe. I told her that yes, I wanted to get better, of course I want to get better. That is why mommy does what she does...because I want to Live. I have to believe that I will get better...but I live my life each day the best that I can. I work hard. I play hard. I live hard. This is me. I am me and I am happy. I told her all of these things and that that is how she needs to live her life. Do her best. Be her best, if you fall, you get back up and fight harder. Believe in yourself and be happy with being you. My brother made a cd and this song was on it. In fact, we were listening to it tonight when she was asking me these questions. I told her to listen to the words, feel them. Believe, don't merely survive. Be yourself. All will fall into always does, and not always the way you think it will. Roll with it. Let life lift you.  It will work out. I've gotta believe.

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