datestampWednesday, March 10, 2010


One attribute that Sarah has is stubbornness. My dad would say she has always been this way. Sarah has tenacity, strength and endurance. No one is going to tell her how to live her life, not even cancer. That stubbornness might just be what gets her through all of this.


Sweet As Candi said...

Sarah is a great aunt and is always high spirited and loving to me. She is one of the strongest person I know. I know she will make it through this cancer. I love you a bunch.

Gavin McMullin

Matt Hargreaves said...

You Rock Sarah! Keep that tenacity going.

Kristie said...

WE had fun seeing you on Friday Sarah. We Love you soooo much! I love the new look of the blog. Keep fighting. Call me if you need anything. I could come get the kids to play.

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