datestampSaturday, April 30, 2011

Hope For Sarah 5k

We woke up this morning to snow on the ground, and a light snowfall. It was the 5k today and I had been praying for warmer weather. We got the kids ready, and began our drive to Payson. The weather worsened the further South we drove, until we reached the first Payson exit. It was wild, the clouds were moving at a slow and steady pace North, and there were blue skies the rest of the drive. I told Andy that God heard our prayers, it was an amazing thing to see. We arrived and there were familiar faces putting things into place, there was a feeling of excitement in the air, kids running around, volunteers cooking, people prepping, it was a surreal experience.
9am rolled around and Heath gathered the runners together for a pre-race talk. There were familiar faces, and many whom I had never met, different ages, with kids, without, young, and old. Heath said "Go", those of us staying behind lined up behind the fence cheering them on as they ran by. I had tears running down my face, my heart was bursting from it's seams. I was overcome with peace, and love. It was palpable, you could feel it all around. Some of the runners had tears as well. I realized at that moment, that this wasn't just about me. These people were running for a purpose, a cause, to raise awareness, to give freely, of themselves to another in need, to fight together.
A few minutes later they started a fun run for the kids, which I did with my son Noah, and many others. My nephew Jack was next to us, running as fast as his 5year old legs could run. Do you know what? He didn't stop once. He ran the whole mile. He didn't give up. He didn't cry or complain. He kept running...and he finished, and he was so proud, and I was proud...What a beautiful boy, oh how I love him.
We were there to cheer the runners coming in. I tried to talk to each one of them, and say thank you. Each person that started the race, finished it, I was inspired by there tenacity. It was an eye opening experience, my life will never be the same.
We ate breakfast (which smelled delicious, and I was told it was), and then they had an auction after. Many said that was the funnest part! Brad and Julie Silcox who are professional auctioneers donated there time to help! Before they started Heath and Mahogani gave me a beautiful plaque, and I was able to say thank you to the many who came out to support us. So many people had given there services, time, gift baskets, food, and love, it seemed like everything you could think of was there! I think one of the best parts about the auction was my Uncle Noel. He is hilarious and is always good for a joke or fact he started out walking the 5k with a walker, and ended with it to! My cousin Kristie was bidding on an item and "someone" kept on raising the price on it. Finally she looked around and saw Noel. He laughed, and laughed, we all did, it felt good to laugh. Well he did that on almost every bid! You really had to fight for it if you wanted something! What a character, I sure love him. That is what was wonderful. I was surrounded by friends, new and old, I was happy. We were together. I was at peace, and I savored each moment, I will never forget this day. I will remember it when life gets difficult, and It won't feel so difficult after all.
After it was finished, and we were saying goodbye to friends. Heath came up to me, and we embraced. I sobbed in his arms, saying thank you over and over again. "Keep fighting" he said, "You can do this...we are here for you, and will do whatever it takes to help you get better...we love you". I told him I loved him, and Mahogani and wished I could give them the world, he told me I already had, by fighting to live...I walked inside and saw my family. Words cannot express properly the love I have for these beautiful people...I just want to tell them thank you...and that we did it! We won the race! Whether you come in first or last, it doesn't matter, it just matters that you come in, do your best, endure to the end, and finish...just like my nephew Jack did. Thank you to everyone for giving me the hope I need to win this race. I love you all. May God continue to Bless us all, like He has today.


Supercords said...

It was a big success and a lot of fun. I'm happy to have you as a friend and hope to participate again next year.


amy ayres said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of this event, we had such a great time! I feel so blessed to know you!

Scarlett said...

We were SO happy to be there! You are so amazing and I am so lucky to know you. Love ya!

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