datestampTuesday, April 26, 2011


We went on a walk today and it started raining. Instead of bolting for the door, I told the kids we should try to catch the drops in our mouth. With open mouths we stood in the rain, water splashing on our faces. Each kid would squeal in delight when they "caught" a rain drop. Trying harder and harder to "catch" another one. For a moment time seemed like it stood still for me. I closed my eyes, lifted my head to the sky and felt the rain on my face and body. I felt clean, new, invincible. I stretched out my hands to the sky, soaking the moment in. Kids laughter in the background put a smile on my lips, and brought me back. My babies were smiling, giggling, and dancing in the rain. We were wet, but not cold. Our hearts were warmed from the rain, the moment. As we found our way back home. I thanked God for the little piece of Heaven we got to experience today...tiny rain drops.


Marissa said...

You're a great writer. When I read I get pulled into your fun world for a minute. Love the descriptions. xoxo

Christy said...

Love you! Thanks for your wonderful words of love.

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