datestampMonday, August 22, 2011

This is the life

Today the kids and I were driving in the car, the windows down, wind blowing our hair, and touching our faces. We put our arms out the windows and let the warm air swarm around us. During that time I told the kids how wonderful it felt to feel the fresh air, drive in the car, see the beautiful things God has given to us. We drove by a field of sunflowers, a field of dirt, of hay, each sight the kids were equally thrilled to see. I was filled with gratitude and love to my Heavenly Father for this good life I get to be a part of. That I get to share this beautiful world and simple moments with my sweet kids.
We arrived at my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Noels home. Uncle Noel set up a tent in the backyard, tables, chairs, a stove with pots full of water boiling for the 24dozen ears of corn they were getting ready to cook and freeze. Nicoel was there with her kids, and Candi came with Jack and Miles. We got to talk, eat, visit, sweat a lot, laugh, listen to the kids play, catch up, reminisce...I ate so much corn I had a stomach ache that night! But you know? It was worth it! It felt so good to be together, with the people I love. To work side by side. To laugh with each other. I thought to myself several times and even said out loud: "This is the Life" know, it really is. I'm happy to be a part of it.


Scarlett said...

Love it! Love corn on the cob! Glad you ate enough to make you sick. Sometimes, that is what life is all about. :)

Sandy Hiatt said...

That was such a fun memorable day. We need to have more of those. What a party!

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